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Irrigation Contractors in Columbia, MO


Full-Service Irrigation Contractors

Metro Irrigation provides exceptional in-house irrigation design. We are certified with Rain Bird Irrigation, the International Association of Plumbing and Mechanical Officials (ASSE) and the Missouri Department of Agriculture. We ensure accurate yard and landscape measurements are taken, the most efficient layout for system elements is determined, and maximized spray patterns and coverage zones are considered. A quality irrigation system is key to creating a healthy, water-efficient landscape. We provide a full range of irrigation repair services including backflow testing, spring activation, fall winterization, and mid-season maintenance, for your residential or commercial needs. Whether you are looking for irrigation installation or repair, we provide professional irrigation contractors in Columbia, MO who use the best products available.

Backflow Prevention Testing

Many toxic chemicals used in lawn care can be hazardous if they should enter your water supply. We can provide customers peace of mind with irrigation backflow prevention testing.

Fall Winterization

As temperatures cool and fall begins, let us get your irrigation system ready for the winter. This helps protect your investment against potential damage.

Spring Activation

We can evaluate the performance of your sprinkler system in the spring to proactively repair damage caused in winter months.

Mid-Season Maintenance

Metro Irrigation will complete a thorough inspection of your sprinkler system to ensure optimal performance. Schedule an appointment for mid-summer to make sure your irrigation is at its best.


Our team of certified irrigation contractors in Columbia, MO are dedicated to providing you with the services
and resources you need to maintain a beautiful lawn or landscape for years to come.


Missouri Improvement Services Contractors

Learn more about some of the other services our experienced, in-house contractors offer commercial and residential customers to develop and implement long-term solutions tailored to their specific needs and budget.



Metro specializes in all areas of concrete contracting from patch and repair to tear out and replace to new installation. Our team will meet with the customer onsite to review plans, measurements, and identify the optimal concrete solution.
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Metro is a full-service landscape company from design to installation. Services include grading, irrigation, sod, hydro-mulch, over seeding, mulching. Our team will work with each customer to explore possibilities and implement a tailored individualized product for each client.
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